Tea takes time…

Of leaves and water was a year-long project in 2018 to explore a new fantasy world through a series of simple, slice of life stories and literary experiments centered around a tea master and the people she serves.  For the most part, nothing much happens, just small things like waiting for the tea to steep as the day begins anew and maybe a touch of magic here and there …

Genre: Slice of life, Fantasy
Tone: Calming, quiet, thoughtful (will range between optimistic and melancholy)

How to read

While it will likely help to read chapters in sequential order, each chapter is intended to also stand alone.  Feel free to go in order or choose randomly from the Chapter List or click on the tags at the bottom of a chapter if you’d like to read more chapters that feature a certain character, location, or tone.

Additionally, if you enjoy what’s here, a collection with updated and revised versions of several chapters is available for purchase on Amazon: Of Leaves and Water: A mini collection