Interlude: By any other name

This chapter is included in a collection available for purchase on Amazon: Of Leaves and Water: A mini collection


Can a teacup keep its name
If there is no tea to fill it?
Is it a reference to its potential
Or a prediction of its future
A fortune told by reading
The dregs to come?
But what of those left behind
Whose affliction has become their first name
A warning
To prevent others from also becoming cracked, broken
As if it were contagious


And if a teacup is filled
With a liquid that does not match its name
Has it betrayed itself?
Is it an affront to its maker?
Or is it an act of rebellion
An expression of fluidity
Of not only the vessel
But the one who fills it
And empties it
Into their own self?


Which is the teacup then?

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