Interlude: On air, underwater

I. Radio segment (audio): [Listen here]   II. Planned script (prompter 1) This is the end of Akina's segment. Did everyone enjoy? [You may read through comments and select one to read aloud] Announcements Fellow endless waves member, Shizuka, made it past the initial stage for the regional singer-songwriter contest. Watch the next episode tomorrow … Continue reading Interlude: On air, underwater

Chapter 25: Wavering in midsummer

'It really is a pretty place,' Kai thought, closing her eyes while taking in a passing breeze. She understood now why Master Yasuhiro had recommended that she take time off here in Crescent Island. It was far enough away from everything that she could forget the debacle, and calm enough that she could forget the … Continue reading Chapter 25: Wavering in midsummer