Interlude: On air, underwater


Radio segment (audio): [Listen here]



Planned script (prompter 1)
This is the end of Akina’s segment. Did everyone enjoy?

[You may read through comments and select one to read aloud]


  • Fellow endless waves member, Shizuka, made it past the initial stage for the regional singer-songwriter contest. Watch the next episode tomorrow on the BCD channel.
  • endless waves will be partnering with labelmate Bubble Storm for a charity event on the South Plain next moon. Details will only be sent to members of the fan club. Sign up today!
  • Public service announcement (rotation #87B): If you’re picnicking among the coral, remember to pick up around the coral – let’s do our part to keep our coral healthy!

Thank you for listening and please keep supporting endless waves and our friends on the Shelldom Entertainment label.

Next is dj Moray on 2KL Siren radio.



Real time messages from management (prompter 2)

For the 15th time, slow down and enunciate

No one understands what you’re saying

Why aren’t you smiling? The video is on

You’re only supposed to read 1 comment

Get back on script

They’re entitled to their opinion

You’re completely off script

What are you doing – get back on script NOW

If you don’t stop, we’re going to turn off the radio

Okay. This is the decision you’re making? We’ll see how many events you have after this.

Just wait until you get back

Oh and the concert coming up?  You wanted to have a solo performance? Well —







This is CEO Higa. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the radio just now. I’m sorry that you’ve been having this experience.
Manager Minoshita is taking some time away from endless waves to reflect. In the meantime, Yuko will be stepping in as the endless waves manager in the interim. She is on her way now to pick you up.
Again, I’m very sorry for not being aware of this until now. We will talk soon. Thank you, Akina, for sharing your strong voice.

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