Chapter 34: Pearls and tea (A how-to)

Hm? Um, yes, I have. I’m not sure … I think it’s only a few minutes. It’s been a while since I’ve made bubble tea on my own, sorry. But um, sure, I can help.   Yeah, the tapioca pearls can be made first. I can’t quite remember why … I remember my grandmother used … Continue reading Chapter 34: Pearls and tea (A how-to)

Chapter 33: Being first (A documentary)

“There are few that history can point to and definitively say that yes, this person has changed its course. Hatsuki is one of those few.” - Shina, historian 4th degree, introduction to "This year's notable figures" Issue 72.2   *   “We thought we knew everything about music therapy. But when Hatsuki came and started … Continue reading Chapter 33: Being first (A documentary)