Interlude: Tea in progress

Recipe: Crescent Moon Chocolate Tea (Work in progress)



6 ounces green tea

  • Itsumi: For fragrance, use the green tea from the tea farms on the Western shore
  • Tameshi: Harvest the leaves with the silver edges

2 ounces chocolate

  • Alicia: White chocolate
  • Ishikawa: Dark chocolate

4 ounces dairy

  • Naru: Whole milk



  • Whipped cream (Naru)
  • Chocolate curls (Naru)
  • Spice mix  (Yamashiro brothers)
  • 2 ounces Siren liquor (Hiroki)
  • Extra ground green tea (Miyo)



  1. Warm a mug for later serving (Chie’s recommendation: 5th degree)
  2. Prepare tea for half serving, doubled potency (possible method: Star)
  3. Heat dairy in a small pot on a rising flame, stirring every other breath to prevent burning
  4. When the liquid is gently simmering, turn off the flame and move the pot to staging area
  5. While hot, add preferred chocolate and mix to melt
  6. Pour the mixture into the warm mug (if using liquor, pour the liquor before the chocolate tea)
  7. Serve as is or garnish with preferred toppings (Alicia’s recommended pairing: Peanut butter mini cookies)

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