Chapter 43: Travel

Don’t worry, sir, with this tea you won’t be traveling very far.  These tea leaves grew up on the western coast of this very island, with a wonderful view of the ocean.


Hm? Why, that’s correct! This was indeed raised and roasted by Tameshi.  This is one of my favorites from him but I’m looking forward to what next season will bring.



Ah yes, madam is drinking a tea from much further away.  This is from the private garden of Master Amano from Mist Island.  Every morning she takes a hidden path from behind her home that leads up through the mists to the mountain cliff where this tea grows.  According to legends, the site of her tea garden is the birthplace of dragons.



Say again? Oh, I have not seen one, have you?  Really? Well if you’d like it to come and visit you again, perhaps try sharing this tea with it.  Yes, it’s said that this tea is a favorite of dragons because it comes from the Island of Gardens. Dragons love to play in the waterfalls where this tea grows.  Sometimes, if you close your eyes and listen hard enough, you can hear them laughing.



Well, you all have traveled to many places together today.  I hope you have a safe trip home. Until next time!

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