Chapter list

* Starred titles indicate an updated and revised version of the chapter is included in a mini-collection titled Of Leaves and Water (see the following site for purchase links: JYB).

** Double starred titles indicate a piece of work removed from this site but is included in once, it was (see the following site for purchase links: JYB).

*Chapter 1: Late afternoon tea

*Chapter 2: Tea and cake

Chapter 3: Restless

Chapter 4: Of memories

*Chapter 5: New leaf

*&**Interlude: Tea kettle

*Chapter 6: In the city, in the rain

Chapter 7: Practice makes tea

Chapter 8: Unexpected

Chapter 9: Challenge

Chapter 10: Remembrance

Chapter 11: Wind and water

Interlude: Review

Chapter 12: On the hilltop

Chapter 13: Contention

Chapter 14: Recipe

Chapter 15: Road to Cloud Hill (part 1)

Chapter 16: Road to Cloud Hill (part 2)

Chapter 17: Road to Cloud Hill (part 3)

Chapter 18: Road to Cloud Hill (part 4)

Chapter 19: Road to Cloud Hill (part 5)

Chapter 20: Summer shine

*Interlude: By any other name

Chapter 21: Finals

Chapter 22: A supposed history

Chapter 23: Notes and reflections

Interlude: A quote to sip on

Chapter 24: In motion (5 in 1)

Chapter 25: Wavering in midsummer

Interlude: On air, underwater

Chapter 26: A letter to

Chapter 27: A letter for

*Chapter 28: A letter left behind

Chapter 29: A tea’s necessity

Chapter 30: First step again

Chapter 31: Steadfast

Chapter 32: Un/changing

Chapter 33: Being first (A documentary)

Chapter 34: Pearls and tea (A how-to)

Interlude: Tea exhibition

**Chapter 35: A conversation (a guitar that dreamt it was)

Chapter 36: Try and try and try

Chapter 37: A proper view

Chapter 38: Slow and steady

Chapter 39: With regards to Miyo

Chapter 40: With regards to dragons

Chapter 41: With regards to dreams

Interlude: Tea in progress

Chapter 42: Winter’s call

Chapter 43: Travel

Chapter 44: Season of greeting

Chapter 45: On New Year’s Eve