Chapter 45: On New Year’s Eve

Miyo hadn't planned on being open the last night of the year. In the days leading up to the new year, customers had been few. Even regular visitors like Makoto and Naruko became irregular as holiday happenings changed their routines.   So when Miyo had opened the doors to the shop on New Year's Eve, … Continue reading Chapter 45: On New Year’s Eve

Chapter 43: Travel

Don’t worry, sir, with this tea you won’t be traveling very far.  These tea leaves grew up on the western coast of this very island, with a wonderful view of the ocean.   Hm? Why, that’s correct! This was indeed raised and roasted by Tameshi.  This is one of my favorites from him but I’m … Continue reading Chapter 43: Travel

Chapter 40: With regards to dragons

North Quadrant Post Breaking news: Mist Island Passes “Dragonkiller Amnesty” Law   In the midst of rallying cries from opposing pro-dragon and pro-security groups, it was the latter that won 42-38 in today’s vote at Mist Island’s capital.  Within the same hour of the law’s passing, pro-security groups began deploying what may become the largest … Continue reading Chapter 40: With regards to dragons